What do we do?

The Gladiators' Hub aims to have a center in every city that hosts an NFL Football team. Our centers will be Hubs for athletes to access preventative care and health services throughout the season (intermittently between games or when they travel to a location for out-of-state games.)

The Gladiators' Hub will provide services year-round and host educational, public and charity activities in the off-season.

The list of services provided in The Gladiators' Hub centers is as follows.

  • ●  Provide a safe environment where athletes can openly discuss, share and address concerns regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI), brain health, post-concussion, post-trauma, and diagnosis while respecting the individual's rights to confidentiality.

  • ●  In partnership with innovative companies and organizations that specialize in brain health and recovery, Gladiators' Hub will provide education to athletes about TBI prior to and at the first suspicion of symptoms from a head injury. This information will provide access to early intervention, prophylactic therapy, cognitive therapies, brain treatments, and different modalities for treatment of TBI.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide athletes with a network of experienced professionals immediately after a game, arrest further trauma worsening if such resources are not available.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide athletes opportunities to attend organized events and presentations where scientists, researchers, and product manufacturers can educate and demonstrate the safety and the efficiency of their suggested approach to innovative treatments or interventions.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide the necessary information and research to allow athletes to make an informed decision with their professional medical team should they consider adding complementary, integrative medicine healing methods to their recovery.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide mental and behavioral health screenings to athletes and their families with licensed professionals upon request in intimate settings.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will offer onsite support for mental and behavioral health.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will offer non-invasive and rehabilitation therapies such as massage, chiropractic care, nutrition consultation, life coaching, motivation, and sports supplementation with licensed physicians and practitioners onsite.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide organized lectures with the brightest minds in sports and orthopedic medicine, neurobiology, neuroscience, mental and behavioral health to educate athletes about common, prevalent, or hidden dangers of full-contact sports; how to prevent injuries best and maintain the health of the athletes.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide support and education to loved ones, caregivers, and families of athletes dealing with brain or mental health issues.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide grief counseling to the loved ones and families of athletes in the event of the athlete's untimely passing due to the brain or mental health disease.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will provide much-needed counsel and support to athletes upon retirement from professional sports and give them the right tools to transition from professional to civilian life.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will foster opportunities for exemplary athletes whose affluence and influence affect the values we advance and the standards of society to demonstrate and utilize their mastery of social and cultural patronage and stewardship.

  • ●  Gladiators' Hub will organize community and youth events for future athletic stars. 

 *Gladiators' Hub will fundraise to support the operations of the organization and it’s initiatives.