The Gladiators' Hub is a Non-Profit Organization established honoring the
wishes of late NFL Champion and Four-Time Pro-Bowler Demaryius Thomas.
Demaryius was a wide-receiver who played in the NFL for 10 seasons primarily
with the Denver Broncos, before his untimely passing on December 9th, 2021.
The Gladiators' Hub is Demaryius' vision and legacy.

The Hub intends to immediately and urgently engage the medical and the
scientific community to produce comprehensive treatments, therapies and
maintenance protocols for optimal brain health for active and retired players
in full contact sports. There is ample evidence that the brain can cure itself,
restore and improve lost functionality due to trauma but a cohesive approach
is yet to be developed. We want to create a vault for treatment protocols for
brain health for every stage and cause of brain injury, as well as preventative
brain care.

The Hub will offer resources, guidance, support, and hope to athletes and
their families to avert injuries and recover from brain trauma.

Youth Outreach initiatives will cater to aspiring professional athletes and
provide early education, professional insight, and counsel.

The Gladiators' Hub will provide services year-round and collaborate with NFL
city-based teams and communities to host educational, public and charity
activities off-season.